3D cancer work scoops award

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A paper describing three-dimensional modelling of cancers has won a young scientist a prestigious award.

Christian Gainer, of the University of Arizona, won the 2013 Ocean Optics Young Investigator Award for his work on the paper 'Multiphoton imaging of three-dimensional cancer models using upconverting lanthanide nano particles'.

The paper, written with his adviser Marek Romanowski, describes the use of multiphoton scanning microscopy for three-dimensional modelling of colon and ovarian cancer.

Michael Allen, Ocean Optics director for marketing and product development, said: 'We are energized and inspired by the efforts and discoveries of researchers early in their careers. Our support for these young men and women underscores our commitment to the vision of changing the world for the better through optical sensing.'

Ocean Optics has sponsored the Young Investigator Award since 2008. The prize includes a $1,000 investigator reward and a company grant to the investigator’s advisor.