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$4bn deal: Innoviz is Volkswagen's new lidar supplier

Israeli firm Innoviz Technologies has been selected by Volkswagen as a supplier of lidar sensors and perception software across its brands.

The selection is Innoviz’ third major design win and has increased its forward-looking order book by $4 billion to $6.6 billion. 

The deal was made with Volkswagen’s software subsidiary Cariad

While it was disclosed that Cariad selected the Israeli firm’s ‘InnovizTwo’ lidar sensors for use across Volkswagen’s brands, it was not disclosed which brands this entails.

'We are thrilled to work with the Cariad team and be a supplier of lidar sensors and perception software to support safe mobility for vehicles launching from the middle of the decade,' said Innoviz CEO and co-founder, Omer Keilaf. 'Cariad is a leading player in the transformation of the whole automotive space. We are proud to be part of their mission.'

In an earlier announcement that first referred to the deal, Keilaf commented: 'Being selected by a large-scale multi-brand global vehicle maker is a significant catalyst for Innoviz and we expect this will affect the entire industry which has been waiting for a decision of this magnitude. We are expecting the scope of this deal to grow even further as additional car brands within the group adopt our platform. In addition, we anticipate more car makers to follow this decision in their autonomous vehicle programmes.'

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