Academics can benefit from FTIR offer

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Researchers and teachers in college and universities can take advantage of a special offer from A2 Technologies, allowing them to choose an Exascan Docking Station or Panorama Pro data analysis software free of charge, whenever they purchase an Exoscan FTIR system.

Exoscan, with its Docking Station, is the only FTIR that is a fully capable bench top lab system that transforms into a hand-held, battery-operated system for field-based applications. Thus, the system is essentially two spectrometers for the cost of one. Exoscan has the performance expected from a high quality lab system, yet also has the ruggedness and size required by users who wish to work in the field. With availability of ATR, diffuse, specular and grazing angle reflectance sampling interfaces, Exoscan measures a broad range of samples and is ideal for gathering infrared spectral data in the field and/or analysing samples in the lab. With its comprehensive range of sampling options, it functions as a powerful teaching system that enables students to understand a wide range of FTIR applications. Panorama Pro provides the user access to a wide range of spectroscopic data analysis capabilities.

Current academic users are employing Exoscan in research and teaching activities including: geoscience, such as soil and rock composition analysis; art and historical object conservation; engineering applications, such as weathering of construction materials; analysis of polymer and paint coatings; surface analysis as related to material performance; and, general analysis of a wide range of solid and liquid samples.