Bjarke Rose, Ibsen Photonics wins award for work on optical sensing

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Bjarke Rose, VP of spectrometer modules at Ibsen Photonics, has been awarded the prestigious Electro Prize 2011 award for his work with optical sensing systems. The Electro Prize 2011 is awarded by the Danish Association of Engineers through the Danish Electro Foundation.

The award was given to Bjarke Rose for his efforts and results in developing and commercialising optical sensing and spectroscopy systems. Applications of such systems include strain monitoring of wind turbine blades and early warning systems for the structural health of buildings and bridges.

Henrik Skov Andersen, CEO at Ibsen Photonics said: 'Bjarke has been committed to developing and marketing innovative optical sensing products since he started at Ibsen in 1995. Bjarke's focus is always on high quality and manufacturability and he has gained a large network in the optical fibre sensing community due to his dedication and co-operative approach to customers and partners.'