Buyout enables Albis relaunch

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A management buyout has relaunched Albis Optoelectronics after separating it from Enablence Technologies.

The change of company name to Albis Optoelectronics, previously used by the entity from 2003 to 2008, marks the final step in the buyout of the photodetector products provider.

The buyout was initiated by local management, coordinated by industry veteran Joerg Wieland and supported by a strong team of European private investors.

Vincent Grundlehner, CEO, explained: 'During the past five years, demand for our photodiode products has grown steadily with an average growth rate of 35 per cent year over year. As we see the enormous potential of our technology, we are obviously very excited to be masters again of our own business.'

The management buyout allows for the execution of a number of growth initiatives such as an expanded product portfolio, a higher level of production automation as well as a strengthening of customer support functions.