Camera range now supports microscopy software

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Andor Technology's Neo sCMOS cameras now have acquisition drivers for use with the Meta Imaging Series of software for live cell microscopy from Molecular Devices. The drivers provide support for Andor’s new camera technology within both Metamorph and also the recently-launched Metamorph NX platform.

Neo is supported from Metamorph version 7.7.5 and in Metamorph NX, and drivers for each are available for purchase direct from Andor Technology.

Dr Colin Coates, Andor’s imaging product manager, said: 'The availability of Neo sCMOS drivers for Metamorph is a significant development step. This feature-rich software environment is the acquisition and analysis platform of choice for many imaging labs and facilities worldwide. It is important that a new gold standard detector for live cell microscopy can operate efficiently through this environment.'