Cats and dogs get laser therapy safety goggles

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Dogs and cats can now be treated safely by laser with Laser Safety Doggles, the protective goggles product line for pets from Laservision.

Whether it is muscle injury, arthritis, dental issues or hip dysplasia that is being treated with lasers, the Doggles come in three sizes for cats, small dogs and large dogs. Each Doggle is equipped with a fully adjustable head strap and adjustable chin strap ensuring a secure fit. Available for veterinarians as a kit of three Doggles, the price is $280. Available only in the USA for now, the biggest sales so far have been on the US Atlantic coast. The products are new to the Pacific coast and southern states.

Laservision decided to create the safety Doggles a year ago and began selling them in April/May 2011. Shirley Gibbons is Laservision’s director of operations and Doggle sales. She said:  ‘Cats have tons of dental issues. Doctors that do therapy for arthritis [for dogs or cats] are really excited about it [and] people who do holistic medicine are really into this therapy. They are really excited about it.’   

Doggles is a trade mark owned by the company Doggles. Laservision calls its version Laser Safety Doggles because they use the Doggles frame but with Laservision’s specialist lenses. Doggles produces sunglasses for pets. Gibbons explained that sunglasses for dogs have become popular in the USA in recent years.