Chinese company picks Ocean Optics' spectrometers for LED sorting

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Chinese company Huge Winners CNC System has chosen Ocean Optics’ miniature fibre optic spectrometers to use in its LED sorting systems.

Ocean Optics Asia, based in Shanghai, worked together with the Chinese company to develop a workable solution to improve the reliability of its set-up.

With bulbs moving through its sorters at a rate of approximately 8,000 pieces per hour, speed was another important factor for Huge Winners in selecting a spectrometer.

Ocean Optics’ USB4000 measures and processes individual LED spectral data within 10 to 50ms. Spectral data is quickly digitised and processed by computer for dominant and peak value wavelength, CIE colour and irradiance (lumens). Based on these results, the sorter then transports each individual bulb to the appropriate collection bin for storage. Even under 18-hour work days, the USB4000 maintains consistent speed and accuracy.

The USB4000 Spectrometer selected by Huge Winners has enhanced electronics, including: 16-bit A/D resolution for auto nulling (an enhanced electrical dark-signal correction), EEPROM storage of calibration coefficients for simple spectrometer start-up, eight programmable GPIO signals for controlling peripheral devices and an electronic shutter for spectrometer integration times as fast as 3.8µs – a feature that prevents detector saturation. In addition, the USB4000 has signal-to-noise of 300:1, sensitivity of 130 photons/count at 400nm, and optical resolution (FWHM) ranging from 0.3-10.0nm.