Coherent acquires Beam Dynamics

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Coherent has acquired the business of Beam Dynamics, a manufacturer of laser machining centres. Existing Beam Dynamics laser machining tools are used in a variety of cutting applications including plastics, fabric, leather, rubber, metal, ceramics and wood, for customers ranging from regional machine shops to Fortune 500 brands.

The acquisition allows Coherent to further expand its presence in the materials processing market, achieve closer alignment with customer processes and applications, and more effectively drive development of new sources and tools to meet the needs of the laser machining market.

'We are very pleased to have Matthew Bye and the Beam Dynamics team join Coherent,' said Paul Sechrist, senior vice president at Coherent. 'They have done an excellent job at creating a strong brand through their commitment to performance, quality and service. Coherent is committed to ensuring that the integration is seamless and transparent to our customers. As a standalone business unit within Coherent, Beam Dynamics will retain its nimble organisational structure, while continuing to drive innovation and exceed our customers' expectations.'

Beam Dynamics has been a long time Coherent customer, integrating Coherent Diamond CO2 lasers from 150W to 500W, and now 1kW, into its machine tools. Coherent looks forward to formally integrating the two companies and strengthening its position as a leader in the low to mid-power materials processing space.