Coherent partners with SiOnyx to tackle solar market

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Coherent and SiOnyx are to enter into a joint development agreement for solar cell capital equipment (tools) manufacturing using the latter's black silicon processing that is based upon the interaction of ultrafast laser light and silicon in a controlled environment. Black silicon offers the potential of a number of advantages over currently deployed technologies, including reduction of costs, an increase of conversion efficiencies, and improvements in manufacturing yields.

Stephen Saylor, president and chief executive officer of SiOnyx, said: 'Partnering with Coherent gives SiOnyx access to the industry's most advanced ultrafast laser technology and allows us to continue the rapid pace of advancement of the black silicon platform. With this collaboration, we look forward to demonstrating the scalability of our process beyond the initial applications of photodetection and imaging and exploit the compelling benefits of black silicon's enhanced quantum efficiency in the solar industry.'

'We are excited that this agreement brings together SiOnyx's unique process expertise with Coherent ultrafast laser technology to increase the pace of development in this exciting area,' said John Ambroseo, Coherent's president and chief executive officer. 'Together with our rapidly growing solar tools business, it will position both companies to capture new opportunities in the photovoltaic industry as it continues to expand towards grid parity.'