Coherent picks NKT Photonics' crystal fibres for next-gen laser

Coherent has chosen photonic crystal fibres from NKT Photonics for its next-generation laser platform.

NKT Photonics will supply a high-power fibre amplifier module, which uses the photonic crystal fibre technology, for Coherent’s Daytona sub-nanosecond pulsed laser. Daytona is to be sold for micro-electronics applications. 

'We are pleased to be working with the NKT Photonics team,' said Sushil Shah, vice president and general manager at Coherent. 'We regard NKT as a key supplier and partner for our fibre-based pulsed laser platform.'

The NKT fibre technology accouncement follows Coherent's latest quarterly financial results that were made public at the end of January. Coherent reported $183.2 million for the quarter ending 29 December, which is a slight drop in revenue compared to the previous year. But that revenue did represent better performance than predicted in terms of earnings for shareholders.

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