Construction begins on Jenoptik's €70m fab

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Local politicians broke ground with Jenoptik executive board members and other staff members. Credit:Benjamin Jehne 

Construction work on the Jenoptik Group’s new €70 million fab at Dresden Airport Park began on 6 September with a groundbreaking ceremony.

The new high-tech fab will have 11,000m2 of net floor space, including 2,000m2 for clean room production. Production is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2025.

The fab will manufacture micro-optics and sensors, which are mainly used in semiconductor lithography systems.
Production will take place in clean room classes ISO 5 and 3, which also meet the highest requirements for vibration-free production and temperature stability. 

In addition to precise manufacturing conditions, the facility also meets high environmental standards: Jenoptik aims to meet the 'KfW 40 Standard' and 'LEED Gold Standard Certification', currently the most comprehensive and stringent building criteria in terms of sustainability.

Jenoptik has been active in Dresden since 2007 and currently has around 60 employees there. With the new production facility, Jenoptik will consolidate manufacturing in Dresden, which is currently spread across several smaller external locations.

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