The FABulous Project (FABrication of 3D metasurfaces to enable the next generation of high efficiency optical products) is an initiative led by Aimen in Spain.

Project seeks to revolutionise 3D metasurface fabrication

The high-resolution metasurfaces will be capable of manipulating light with unprecedented flexibility and enable the design and manufacture of smaller, lighter photonic systems

By using a Ti:Sapphire and mid-infrared free-electron laser to structure silicon, scientists have demonstrated how laser induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) vary depending on the laser properties. (Image: Reina Miyagawa of Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Laser structuring offers lithography alternative in transistor production

LIPSS have been earmarked as a novel and prospective alternative to expensive lithography processes for the fabrication of nanostructured surfaces in optoelectronic device production

The parallel peripheral-photoinhibition lithography system comprises eight modules that are arranged to allow the individual control of split excitation and inhibition beams, thereby allowing the high-resolution, high-efficiency fabrication of nanostructures. (Image: Zhu et al)

Laser lithography system could speed 3D nanofabrication

The system could be used to fabricate intricate 3D nanostructures widely employed in photonics and electronics

Building a new semiconductor fab can cost more than €10bn. Credit: Imec

Subsidising a way out of semicon shortages

Proposed multi-billion dollar and euro packages look set to increase uptake of leading-edge lithography, including for photonic technologies, finds Andy Extance

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