Edmund Optics releases Lens Selector iPhone app

Edmund Optics has released an iPhone app designed to help customers select the appoprate lens for their vision integration projects. The easy-to-use Lens Selector iPhone application is the perfect tool to make sure users have the correct imaging lens for a machine vision application.  Only three user-defined inputs - Field of View, Working Distance, and Sensor Size - are required to provide the closest product matches from EO's line of Techspec imaging lenses.

'Typically a customer has a confined space that pre-defines what type of lens they can utilise in their setup and unless that customer is very familiar with imaging lenses, they do not always know what type of lens to select. While many parameters go into selecting the correct lens for an application, three fundamental pieces of information are required to begin a selection process. By using these three inputs users can properly select the best lens for their application,' explains Gregory Hollows, director of machine vision solutions at Edmund Optics. 'We want to focus on making it easier for our customers to select the right lens for their application.'

The Edmund Optics Lens Selector takes the three user defined inputs (FOV, working distance and sensor size) and sorts from our most popular Techspec imaging lenses, including fixed focal length and telecentric lenses, to provide the best match. Even if a lens does not match the user's requirements, the application suggests the closest lens, which is typically within several millimetres of either the FOV or working distance, and most users can adjust their setup to accommodate for this discrepancy. Once the results are displayed, the user has the option of selecting the lens with the closest performance based on either the FOV or the working distance. This provides the user with the most flexibility and best lens choice for their application. Contact information for an Edmund Optics imaging engineering is displayed if you need further assistance.

With periodic upgrades for new lens families, the EO Lens Selector is a great resource for engineers and systems integrators. Even long-time integrators can benefit from the most up-to-date selection of Techspec imaging lenses.

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