Fibre Photonics appoints nonexecutive director.

Fibre Photonics has appointed Dr Des Gibson as a non-executive director.  

Dr Gibson brings 25 years' experience in the optics and optoelectronics industry within both blue chip and start-up companies.

As a previous CEO and shareholder of RTC Systems, a UK-based optical thin film equipment company, he increased company turnover five-fold in a three-year period, resulting in acquisition of the company by Satis Vacuum n 2001. Subsequent to this acquisition, Dr Gibson was appointed to the board of Satis Vacuum.

In 2003, he became one of the foundering directors of Applied Multilayers, a company which has developed innovative sputter deposition equipment for optical applications. This equipment is currently sold globally into precision optics, OLED displays and ophthalmic markets.

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