Gooch & Housego expands production with relocation

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Gooch & Housego has expanded its production footprint with the relocation of its high temperature growth centre to its existing facilities in Cleveland, Ohio.

Now re-qualified for production quality in its new location, the relocation of the high temperature growth centre, for optical grade lithium niobate wafers and other products, expands the compay’s facilities by 30,000 square feet. The total area for high temperature growth production at Gooch & Housego is now 90,000 square feet.

The relocation followed Gooch & Housego’s acquisition of Crystal Technology in March 2011. According to Gooch & Housego, the transfer of the growth equipment, technology, and personnel from their home in Palo Alto to Cleveland was difficult and required requalification and approval by key customers.

Site preparation included extensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning modification and sufficient electrical and infrastructure in support of crystal growth. Gooch & Housego has spent £2 million in recent years on facilities improvement.