GSI Group Laser Division rebrands as JK Lasers

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The General Scanning Incorporated (GSI) Group Laser Division has rebranded itself as JK Lasers.

In 1999, after 27-years selling lasers, GSI merged with Canadian company Lumonics. After the merger the Lumonics brand was sold and its laser division changed its name to the GSI Group Laser Division. Retaining the same staff and technical expertise, the company launched its first fibre lasers, the JK50FL and JK100FL, in 2007. Lumonics had already bought JK Lasers in 1982. Now GSI Group Laser Division is part of JK Lasers.

Dr Mark Greenwood, general manager of JK Lasers, said: ‘The rebrand to JK Lasers is an important step for us. It is a return to our roots; a recognition of our long and successful history. JK Lasers is not a newcomer to the market. We have been a leading light at the forefront of laser innovation for 40 years.’

JK Lasers’ is a player in the fibre laser market, as well as manufacturing CO2 lasers, Nd:YAG lasers, process tools and software. Its first multi-kilowatt class of fibre lasers, the JK2000FL, was launched in April this year.