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Hamamatsu to acquire Energetiq for $42m

Hamamatsu Photonics is set to acquire Energetiq Technology, a manufacturer of laser driven light sources and extreme ultraviolet light sources, for $42 million. The transaction is expected to close around 13 October 2017. The addition of Energetiq’s technology and production ability will help to expand Hamamatsu’s capabilities and product offerings.

In combining the technologies of both companies, Hamamatsu plans to speed the development of products that may have value in diverse areas such as environmental analysis.

‘Hamamatsu envisions a future where the combined technologies of the companies will result in new and exciting product offerings,’ the company stated in the press release announcing the impending acquisition.

The transaction will bring Energetiq into the group of companies owned by Photonics Management Corp, a subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics, based in New Jersey, USA.

Energetiq’s laser driven and extreme ultraviolet light sources will enable Hamamatsu to meet the anticipated growing demand for high brightness EUV sources required to inspect semiconductor with speed and accuracy – a result of the now thinner design rules for semiconductors. Hamamatsu has previously developed light sources such as xenon lamps and mercury xenon lamps for such inspection purposes.


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