Hamamatsu enters into licensing agreement with JDSU

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JDSU has licensed patent rights for fundamental picosecond laser technology to Hamamatsu Corporation for the development of microelectronic products.

Picosecond lasers have become one of the most effective solutions for micromachining due to their accuracy at sending quick and powerful pulses of laser light to an exact point on materials during the creation of very small products. The high precision of the lasers also minimises heat damage to surrounding areas during the manufacturing process. In addition to micromachining, picosecond lasers are used for technology applications related to microsurgery, robotics, biological warfare detection, and high-precision optical radar.

'Hamamatsu is excited to leverage key intellectual property from JDSU's extensive patent portfolio in order to provide compelling technology solutions to our customers,' said Ken Kaufmann, vice president of marketing at Hamamatsu.

'As a technology leader, JDSU continues to grow its intellectual property portfolio with new and compelling solutions. We are pleased to license technology to industry leaders like Hamamatsu,' said Chris Castle, product line manager for the CCOP business unit at JDSU.