Hi-Tech Stencils buys third Tannlin laser machine

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Orange County, California based Hi-Tech Stencils has added a third Tannlin UK laser machine to its asset base.

Tannlin supplies laser stencil machines to the electronics assembly industry. Hi-Tech Stencils purchased a TX model. This Tannlin model can simultaneously cut and inspect the stencil. The inspections include looking for the presence of apertures as well as the quality of each stencil.

Tannlin’s head of US sales and marketing, John Brew, said: ‘The TX is based on the same advanced technology as our flagship model PROi, yet is built to provide affordable, high quality stencils. We are providing the tools to make sure stencil production is a process that is monitored and controlled more effectively than any other stencil production method.’

Metal Etch Technology of Lumberton, New Jersey also added a third Tannlin Laser to its laser stencil manufacturing capability recently.