Imagine sales rising by 25 per cent

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Imagine Optic, the manufacturer of wavefront analysis and adaptive optics products for high-power lasers and microscopy, has announced that sales grew by 27 per cent in 2012 to reach more than €2.7 million.

'These four straight years of solid growth are the direct result of our commitment to anticipating and responding to the needs of our customers,' said Samuel Bucourt, Imagine Optic’s CEO.

'The most notable growth came from our ILAO line of deformable mirrors for ultra-intense lasers as adaptive optics is now being incorporated into commercial laser products. We expect that trend to increase significantly in the coming years.'

One example is the Nevada Terawatt Facility (NTF), which benefits from an adaptive-optics system designed, built and installed by Imagine Optic on its 50-terawatt Leopard-class laser.

Dr Piotr Wiewior, of the NTF, praised the system's efficient aberration compensation: 'The experimental capabilities of our facility increased substantially as the recovery time between high-energy laser shots was dramatically reduced and the focus quality of the Leopard laser beam was increased.'