Imec joins Graphene Flagship to develop graphene optoelectronic devices

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Belgian research institute Imec has joined the Graphene Flagship consortium to show that graphene can form the basis of practical optoelectronic devices. The types of components where Imec will investigate using graphene include high speed modulators and detectors for use in low power optical interconnects.

Cedric Huyghebaert, team leader of Imec’s graphene group, commented: ‘During the past five years, we have built a strong knowledge in graphene device making, focused on the generic building blocks like contacting, doping and gate engineering, which are essential to progress in any graphene application.’ Imec will look to develop hybrid-silicon-graphene optoelectronic devices compatible with CMOS.

Sixty six new partners are being invited to join the consortium following the results of a €9 million competitive call. The €1 billion Graphene Flagship project aims to turn cutting-edge scientific research into marketable products.

Vice-President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes, commented: ‘Europe is leading the graphene revolution. This wonder material has the potential to improve our lives dramatically: it stimulates new medical technologies, such as artificial retinas, and more sustainable transport with light and ultra-efficient batteries. The more we can unlock the potential of graphene, the better!’