J-Fiber Group completes acquisition of Schott Lithotec's synthetic fused silica technology

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J-Fiber has completed its acquisition of Schott Lithotec's synthetic fused silica technology. The deal covered the Schott fused silica melting process, including burner, annealing and selected machinery for further silica treatment, as well as measurement technology for quality assurance, process documentation material and patents.

J-Fiber also hired the key specialists for melting, treatment, processing and quality assurance, who supported the smooth knowledge transfer and implementation of processes and equipment, which provided for a successful ramp-up at the facilities of J-Fiber subsidiary J-Plasma.

Lothar Brehm, J-Fiber managing director: 'The decision to invest in our own fused silica manufacturing processes not only allows us to complete our fibre value chain, it also guarantees that this critical raw material is available to us.'

Under the brand name 'SQ' J-Fiber now offers fused silica in highest quality with excellent optical properties and different quality grades for use in fibre optics, optics and laser technologies, various technical applications as well as in lithography. J-Fiber clients thereby benefit from the company’s expertise in manufacturing and marketing optical glass technologies.