Mobius Photonics appoints Kohei Yamashita to its board

Short pulsed fibre laser sources provider Mobius Photonics has named Kohei Yamashita to its board of directors.

Yamashita has decades of experience in key areas such as investment strategy, customer engagement, developing manufacturing capability, and company growth management. His business experience spans industries from real estate to ceramic products manufacturing.

‘We are pleased to welcome Kohei Yamashita to the Mobius Photonics board of directors,' said Kiyomi Monro, Mobius Photonics chief executive officer. 'Mr. Yamashita was an early investor in Mobius and he continues to support our funding activity.’

Yamashita is currently president and CEO of Kokyo Tatemono and holds the position of CEO and other senior positions at several of its affiliated companies. Yamashita is a founder of companies such as Kokyo Building Maintenance and Japan Medical Services, among others. He is also chairman of the non-profit organisation Japan Medics Support.

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