Jenoptik sees strong metrology and defence revenue

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Photonics company Jenoptik has seen growth in metrology and defence sectors in its first quarter 2015 financial results. The Jenoptik Group generated revenue totalling €145.8 million in Q1, 6.4 per cent up on the prior year.

Revenue from Jenoptik’s metrology segment rose by 14.0 per cent compared to the same period in the prior year, to €46.5 million, stimulated by slight capital expenditure growth in the automotive industry. The company’s defence and civil systems segment generated revenue of €42.7 million, 13.9 per cent higher than in the prior-year period.

While the metrology and defence segments grew, the company’s lasers and optical systems segment declined year-on-year due to weakened demand from the semiconductor equipment industry. Revenue fell 3.9 per cent to €56.3 million against the strong prior-year quarter which was marked by a very strong lithography market.

Newport’s first quarter sales and new orders showed similar moderate growth, increasing by 6.6 per cent and 5.0 per cent, respectively, compared with the prior year first quarter. Net sales were $156.7 million, while new orders were $154.6 million.

The company’s defence and security segment exhibited 24.4 per cent growth compared to same quarter in the previous year, while its microelectronics sector grew by 17.4 per cent. Life and health sciences and industrial manufacturing both fell, by 4.9 per cent and 2.2 per cent respectively.

Commenting specifically on the second quarter of 2015, Robert Phillippy, Newport's president and CEO, said: ‘In the second quarter, we expect our sales to increase year-over-year once again, despite the anticipated unfavourable impact of foreign exchange rates, to between $154 million and $161 million.

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