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Keopsys and Quantel combine to form €80m laser supplier

Keopsys and Quantel have combined forces to form a new European laser supplier, with more than €80 million of revenues and 400 employees. The new group has facilities in France, the US, and in Japan.

In the agreement, Keopsys will provide Quantel with its fibre laser technology expertise, its base of clients, particularly in the telecoms and industry sectors, and its industrial production methods.

In a statement, Marc Le Flohic, Quantel Group Chairman and CEO, said: 'This alliance between Quantel and Keopsys will open up outstanding opportunities for growth, particularly for defence, optical sensors for the automotive and environment markets, and the medical sector. The extensive technological, industrial and commercial synergies, and the strong level of motivation among the teams are just some of the assets that will help ensure the success of this new business project.'

The new group will offer a complete range of lasers: from continuous and pulsed fibre lasers and amplifiers, to modular and powerful bulk lasers. The group will address markets from scientific research to industrial customers with mass production needs.

The business combination is based on Esira - the Keopsys Group's holding company, controlled by Marc Le Flohic, Quantel's Chairman and CEO - contributing all the shares in Keopsys, LEA Photonics and Sensup and 99 per cent of the shares in Veldys to Quantel.

Meanwhile, as a result of the contribution, Esira has received 6,939,441 new ordinary Quantel shares and, directly and indirectly, holds 54.7 per cent of Quantel's capital and 56.1 per cent of its voting rights. Quantel's share capital has been increased from 8,832,016 to 15,771,457 ordinary shares.

The Quantel Group posted turnover of €62 million in 2015, with close to 70 per cent worldwide, divided into scientific and industrial laser applications (56 per cent) and medical applications (44 per cent). Quantel has design and manufacturing facilities in France and the US.

Based in Lannion, France, the Keopsys Group is made up primarily of Keopsys, LEA Photonics and Sensup, which all specialise in designing and integrating fibere lasers for scientific, industrial and military applications. With around 100 employees, the Keopsys Group recorded revenues of approximately €17.2 million and net income of around €2.2 million in 2016.

The initiative would also make it possible to develop the Quantel Group’s critical mass, opening up possibilities for more ambitious contracts, particularly in the defence sector.


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