Laser companies post growth for 2013 fiscal year

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Both Rofin-Sinar and the Jenoptik Group posted growth in sales for 2013. Rofin-Sinar Technologies recorded net sales of $560.1 million for its fiscal year ended 30 September 2013, 4 per cent growth on its 2012 financial year. However, the company’s Q4 results showed no growth compared to the same period last year, totalling $147.6 million.

The Jenoptik Group generated sales of 432.5 million in the first nine months of 2013, above the 423.1 million for the previous year. Jenoptik‘s Metrology segment showed particularly strong growth with a year-on-year rise in sales of 12.6 per cent. However, sales in the Lasers and Optical Systems segment remained at a similar level to the same period of the previous year, at 160.4 million. Jenoptik is predicting slight growth in sales of up to 5 per cent for the entire 2013 fiscal year compared with 2012.

The majority of the growth for Rofin’s year-ended result was from sales of lasers for macro applications, which increased by $9.2 million (4 per cent) to $214.6 million, while net sales of lasers for marking and micro applications increased by only $0.5 million to $272.7 million. Sales of components increased $10.3 million (16 per cent) to $72.8 million compared to the 2012 fiscal year.

On a geographical basis, net sales in North America decreased by 3 per cent, totalling $114.9 million for the financial year. In Europe, sales increased by 4 per cent to $250.3 million, while in Asia sales rose by 7 per cent to $194.9 million.

Günther Braun, CEO and president of Rofin-Sinar, commented: ‘We experienced the strongest quarter for sales in fiscal year 2013 in the medical device industry and a solid quarter in sales for the machine tool, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries. On a geographical basis, sales to all countries within Europe were strong, North American business was stable, and Asian sales were weaker, mainly due to softer sales in China.’

Rofin-Sinar expects revenues to be in the range of $122 million to $127 million for the first quarter ending 31 December 2013.

In other financial news, LightPath Technologies, which manufactures optical components and high-level assemblies, reported revenue of $2.81 million during its latest financial quarter, which is a decrease of 3 per cent compared to the same period last year.

However, revenue for its precision moulded optics increased 6 per cent compared to the same period last year. The company expects growth in sales for the next several quarters to be derived primarily from the precision moulded lens product line, driven by the telecommunications sector’s need for expanded infrastructure to support mobile internet demand; the industrial tool sector, which is benefiting from an improving Chinese market; demand for fibre laser delivery systems; and entry into the digital projection market.

Jim Gaynor, president and CEO of LightPath, commented: ‘We continue to experience robust demand for and interest in our two primary business lines – precision moulded optics and infrared products.’