Laser Lines partners with KM Labs

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Laser Lines is to distribute the KM Labs range of ultra high performancer oscillators, regen and multipass amplifiers.

KM Labs was founded in 1994 by Professor Margaret Murnane and Professor Henry Kapteyn from the University of Colorado. The Murnane-Kapteyn Research Group was the first group to develop a reliable 10  femtosecond laser and are widely recognised as world leaders in ultrashort-pulse, ultra high intensity lasers.

KM Labs was founded to transition their technology into the commercial arena and to serve the international ultrafast research community. Applications include: ultrafast imaging and spectroscopy; nonlinear spectroscopy and nonlinear converters; OPA, NOPA, HG, white-light; Coherent soft X-ray generation; attosecond pulse generation and optical coherence tomography.

KM Labs manufactures cost-effective and versatile turn-key oscillators; high energy/high power TW kHz amplifiers; highest power CEP systems; high power 10-200kHz single-box amplifiers and Coherent extreme UV (soft X-rays).