Laser Micromachining moves to larger facilities

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Laser Micromachining Ltd (LML), one of the UK's leading providers of laser manufacturing services, has moved into larger premises in the St Asaph Business Park in north Wales. The move allows LML to offer a wider range of laser prototyping and production services to industry from a specially-designed manufacturing facility.

The new LML facility contains 10 complete laser workstations, each with a laser capable of producing repeatable, precision machining results in all common engineering materials. The tools include DUV excimer lasers (248nm and 193nm), DPSS lasers (355nm, 532nm), 1µm fibre laser, ultrafast lasers (fs and ps) and a CO2 laser. This makes the LML facility one of the most diverse commercial operation in the UK and means that LML can meet the needs of the most demanding precision applications.

Nadeem Rizvi, LML's managing director, commented: 'Despite the general economic climate, the high-tech sectors in which LML operates are continuing to show a strong performance and LML's expansion is testament to this solid outlook. The team at LML has never been busier and we look forward to helping more businesses benefit from laser manufacturing technologies.'