Laser technology specialist selects nanopositioning stages

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Lithuanian laser technology specialist Altechna is using Aerotech's ANT130 series linear motor driven nanopositioning stages in its femtosecond laser micromachining system. The stages are used in a customised three-axis XYZ configuration that includes a granite bridge support structure and a pneumatically counterbalanced vertical axis. The synchronisation between the one nanometre resolution positioning system and the laser's firing pattern is precisely and crucially controlled with the advanced PSO (Position Synchronised Output) command from Aerotech's software based A3200 motion controller, which is built into Altechna's SCA (System Control Application) front end software using .NET class libraries.

The AltSCA femtosecond laser machining system integrates the complete Aerotech motion sub-system including rack mounted linear servo-amplifiers with a 10W Yb:KGW (1,030nm) femtosecond laser source, machine vision, beam shaping optics and a galvo scanning head with resulting fabrication speeds up to 350,000 pixels per second with 25,400dpi resolution.

The AltSCA femtosecond laser machining system uses an integrated ANT130 XY series low profile X-Y stage that supports the object workpiece and a separate vertically mounted Z-axis stage for laser head manipulation. The Z-axis is fixed to the granite bridge structure and its pneumatic counterbalance is based upon a proven Aerotech design. The large granite base provides high stability for the positioning system and the complete assembly includes all cabling and provision for air supply.