Lasermet achieves accreditation for its testing labs

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Lasermet has achieved UKAS accredidation for its testing laboratories at its new premises, making it one of the only locations in the UK to receive such accreditation for the testing of laser and LED products.

Laser Safety Standards EN and IEC 60825-1 and -12 require classification to be carried out 'at the highest emitted power under reasonably foreseeable single fault failure conditions'. Most notably this affects electronic drive circuits, where a component failure, such as failure of a transistor, may drive up the output power of the laser or LED system and cause the product to emit above the Accessible Emission Limit of the desired Class. This may present not only a classification problem but also, in some cases, a serious safety issue.

Lasermet's testing laboratories provide rigorous testing which includes a thorough investigation of each component in the drive circuit. Customers are provided with a report detailing the measurement test results and outlining failure modes of drive electronics and other reasonably foreseeable failures affecting safety.

Lasermet will also act as consultants, providing advice on specific applications, applicability of a given design and particular information concerning the likely problems with each system.