Lasers and analysis to feature at Photonics West

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Analytic instrumentation and lasers for various applications will be on display at Photonics West in San Francisco, California when the exhibition opens from 10-12 February.

More than 20,000 attendees will visit the laser, photonics, and biomedical optics trade fair and conference, with 1,250 optics and photonics companies presenting at the show.

At the fair, there will be a number of companies unveiling novel analysis systems, including StellarNet, who will be presenting new portable elemental and composition analysers, handheld spectroradiometry, among other new mini spectrometer additions.

Products used to test for radiation will also be displayed, including Inrad Optics’ crystalline stilbene, an organic scintillator used for radiation detection and for discrimination between fast neutrons and a gamma-ray background. Stilbene is produced using low-temperature solution growth technology to yield high-quality, low-stress material.

First-time exhibitor EssentOptics will demonstrate its Photon RT universal scanning spectrophotometer containing updated software to offer unattended group measurement of parts at variable angles and polarisations, or even multiple parts at multiple angles.

Novus Light Technologies will be displaying Admesy’s spectrometers series, including the Rhea, launched in 2015, which offers accurate spectrometers with autorange function and excellent linearity in a robust and compact package.

Photonics West 2015 will also witness lasers to serve all industries, from the scientific through to the industrial. Cutting Edge Optronics, a Prism Award finalist in the Scientific Lasers category, will display laser diodes, laser gain modules and DPSS laser systems including a model of its 2 Joule Gigashot-HE diode pumped laser system and its 7.5 Joule Nd:YAG laser amplifier.

Covering the medical sector, ModuLight’s ML7710 CE and ETL marked medical laser platform is suitable for various applications such as photodynamic therapy, surgery and photo disinfection. The standard features include: easy-to-use touch screen user interface, multiple individually addressable fibre output channels, aiming beam, smart internal calibration module, foot/hand switch, fibre sensors, and safety interlocks.

Also in attendance to showcase its laser-based solutions will be Coherent, with its latest systems, components and laser measurement products that serve major markets from scientific, life sciences and industrial.

For laser inspection, companies such as Arden Photonics will be at the show with its BQM-50 Beam Propagation Analyser, designed to allow complete measurement laser beam propagation characteristics. Developed in conjunction with National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK, the system includes a liquid lens that removes the need for a translation stage to allow beam widths to be sampled through the laser beam caustic.

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