Lissotschenko Mikrooptik announces agreement with Abakan

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Limo Lissotschenko Mikrooptik has signed an agreement with Abakan in order to create a laser based system for wear and corrosion resistant cladding for 3 - 8 inch diameter pipe, which is extensively used in oil and gas industries, and for other markets that require cladding. It is expected that the system will developed within the next 12 months and marketed in 2015.

Limo will design and build the laser coating systems, while Abakan will design the auxiliary components to install and operate these systems in the global marketplace, initially focusing on the cladding of thick-walled smaller diameter pipes.

Limo has perfected laser melting technology to provide smooth thin coatings that have a metallurgical bond, with almost any metallurgical substrate effects. The technology is based on optical systems which enable industry relevant productivity also for simultaneous treatment of inner diameters of pipes.

Abakan CEO, Robert Miller stated ‘We expect to substantially complete the development of the smaller-diameter pipe cladding system within the next 12 months, with a possible market entry in mid-2015. Abakan will fund the development of the prototype system, and then pursue strategic collaboration with oil majors and pipe manufacturers to accelerate development and market entry. This partnership is essential for us because over a period of time while working with partners and potential customers across multiple industries, we now understand the most critical challenges that they face. We believe that our collaboration with Limo will result in development of a platforms of products that address these challenges.'

Dr. Vitalij Lissotschenko, president and CEO of Limo stated: ‘In Abakan we see a team with a vision for long-term sustainable growth. We are extremely impressed with the way they have built a brand and reputation for innovation and excellence in such a short span of time.’