Midtherm Laser invests 1.6 million pound sterling in laser cutting technology

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Dudley-based flat bed laser cutting specailist Midtherm Laser has improved its capabilities with a £1.6 million investment in new laser production technology.

The specialist company has bought a Bystronic 3kW fibre laser machine and recruited new staff to operate the machinery. The Bystronic 3kW fibre laser cost £576,000 and can cut materials up to 20mm thick.

Dean Cockayne, Midtherm operations director said: ‘Fibre technology has been available for a while now. As with any new technological advancement, there are always teething problems and glitches that need ironing out. We have purposely waited until these issues have been resolved.’

As well as the Bystronic machine, Midtherm is also investing in 6kW Bystar and 6kW Byspeed-pro laser machines as part of its £1.6 million capital investment.