Nerac and Harlin integrate service offerings to UK technology companies

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Nerac and Harlin have signed a contract to integrate their research and advisory service offerings. The partnership will expand Nerac’s capabilities in optics and lasers as well as provide local technical and business development capabilities throughout the UK.

Harlin was established in 2000 to provide marketing and business development consultancy services to technology-based and creative organisations. Among these services are the identification and quantification of market opportunities, strategy development, due diligence studies and sourcing of advanced laser, optics and optoelectronic solutions.

John Lincoln, principal at Harlin, said: ‘We are very excited to be working with Nerac, which will expand our research capabilities in many different technical, business, and intellectual property disciplines.’

Kevin Bouley, president and CEO of Nerac, said: ‘As we continue to look for ways to expand our reach, it is important that we partner with companies that expand our local presence in markets around the world, as well as increase our research capabilities by leveraging complementary outside resources.’