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NKT Photonics joins Hamamatsu's Laser Application business

NKT Photonics is set to become part of Hamamatsu Photonics to increase market reach and to further develop its fibre laser and photonic crystal fibre products.

Founded in Japan in 1953, Hamamatsu Photonics today has more than 5,300 employees worldwide and an annual revenue close to €1.2 billion.

It specialises in optical sensors, electric light sources, and other optical devices and instruments for scientific, technical, and medical use.

With over two decades of experience in photonic crystal fibres and advanced fibre lasers, NKT Photonics complements Hamamatsu Photonics’ detector and light-source portfolio.

Basil Garabet, CEO NKT Photonics, commented: 'We share common goals [with Hamamastsu] and a vision of providing the best solutions to our customers and innovators. Together and with our complementary technology platforms, we will be stronger than ever.'

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NKT Photonics will continue as a subsidiary with responsibility for fibre and laser development and manufacturing within Hamamatsu Photonics group, and its product portfolio will remain unchanged. 

Akira Hiruma, CEO Hamamatsu Photonics, added: 'The integration of our two companies allows us to enlarge our portfolio of solutions for use in for example the industrial, scientific, and health care sector. NKT Photonics will constitute our dedicated fibre and laser division, an area where we see significant growth potential.'

In March, NKT Photonics divested its LIOS sensing business to the American company Luna Innovations Incorporated for a total consideration of €20m. The sale, NKT said, would allow it to focus on its core business supplying lasers and fibre optic solutions to the medical & life science, quantum and nano technology, industrial, and aerospace and defence markets.

The closing of NKT's merger with Hamamatsu is subject to regulatory approval which is expected to take place by the end of March 2023.

NKT's name and branding in the coming period will remain to ensure continuity for its customers, suppliers, and business partners.


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