Ocean Thin Films expands production facility

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To grow its PixelTec patterned optical coating technology, Ocean Thin Films has expanded its Golden, Colorado facility. Providing lithographic patterning of optical coatings, Ocean Thin Films continues to advance its processes by adding a new clean room and speciality equipment.

PixelTec optical coatings are used for purpose-specific performance in a multitude of medical, defence, and industrial applications, enabling more compact, robust, and cost-effective devices. The Golden, Colorado expansion includes another dedicated, class 1,000 semiconductor-grade clean room outfitted with advanced patterning and alignment equipment, and class 100 work areas. The ITAR registered and ISO 9001:2008 certified facility is now delivering a wider range of complex custom patterned coatings.

PixelTec technology enables micron-scale patterning of multiple thin film optical coatings on a single substrate including: precision patterning of intricate features, shapes, and sizes with sub-pixel alignment accuracy; dielectric, metallic, and transparent conductive (ITO/IMITO) coatings engineered for custom spectral properties; and multi-filter arrays on monolithic substrates, scalable to high volume production.