Open Photonics announces Lockheed Martin partnership

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Technology acceleration firm Open Photonics has partnered with Lockheed Martin to research emerging photonics-related technologies.

Photonics form the fundamental components that are used in many of Lockheed Martin’s electro-optic products, such as imaging missile seekers and targeting sensors. Open Photonics uses a two-stage research and development model that emulates the US government’s small business innovation research programme combined with that of the Gates Foundation - its approach is viewed as having minimal paperwork.

Dr Jason Eichenholz is CEO of Open Photonics. He said: ‘While programmes like the [small business R&D] and university tech transfer are very effective, they can be slow and fraught with IP challenges. Our new model matches these inventors with potential customers in multiple industries, strengthening innovation pipelines for these companies and providing a framework for these companies to engage researchers in smaller companies and universities.'  

Eichenholz's previous roles include chief technology officer for Ocean Optics and director of strategic marketing for Newport and Spectra-Physics. He has also served as the principal investigator for projects at the US Air Force and the Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, working on the small business technology transfer and small business innovation research programmes.