Ophir-Spiricon invests in a new clean room

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Ophir-Spiricon has opened a clean room at its new facility in Logan, Utah. The 840 square foot clean room will be used for manufacturing the company's solid-state pyroelectric detector arrays used in its Pyrocam beam profiling cameras.

The new clean room houses photolithography and thin film deposition processes. Yellow lighting is used to prevent premature exposure of the photolithography materials used, similar to the 'safe lights' used in photographic darkrooms. The clean room complies with ISO 7 standards for airflow and filtration, and humidity and temperature are tightly controlled. An airlock and protective clothing are also used to decrease contamination.

'Ophir is committed to building precision, stability, reliability, and versatility into all our products,' stated Gary Wagner, president of Ophir-Spiricon. 'The new clean room provides a cleaner production environment. This translates into less defects and better yield for both the lithography and thin film deposition processes. In addition, we can produce larger, more dense arrays with higher pixel fill factors for higher resolution cameras.'

The company's Pyrocam is a solid-state, pyroelectric camera designed to create clear and illuminating images of laser beam profiles. It measures the beam profile of both pulsed and CW lasers, for spectral ranges from 13 to 355nm and 1.06 to >3,000┬Ám. This includes DUV, excimer lasers, CO2 lasers, telecom NIR lasers, and infrared sources to far-IR THz. The camera provides 1000:1 linear dynamic range for accurate profiling. An integrated chopper handles CW beams and thermal imaging. Pyrocam is shipped with the company's BeamGage laser beam analysis software for extensive quantitative analysis and image display.