Ophir-Spiricon receives Best Practices Award for Continuous Improvement

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Ophir Photonics announced that Ophir-Spiricon has been recognised with a Best Practices Award for Continuous Improvement from the Utah Manufacturers Association in the USA. Ophir-Spiricon won the award after the Utah Manufacturers Association evaluated eligible manufacturers on a variety of improvement measures: process management, implementation, measurement, corrective actions, and improvements tied to operating objectives.

The company's continuous improvement relies on a unique idea creation system that combines concepts learned from the MEP Innovation Engineering model and Ophir-Spiricon's own productivity improvement process.

Gary Wagner, general manager of Ophir Photonics in the USA, said: ‘Company goals and objectives are defined annually in four key areas (STEP): customer satisfaction, technology and products, execution, and people. Progress is tracked and discussed regularly. One of our accomplishments is a revenue increase of 327 per cent in conjunction with a head count increase of 52 per cent.’

Continuous improvement also led to Ophir-Spiricon's ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation in March 2013, which recognises the technical competence of calibration laboratories.