'Outstanding' SPIE Lithography Asia conference

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The turnout for the recent SPIE Lithography Asia symposium was outstanding, according to conference co-chair and SPIE Fellow, Anthony Yen. 

‘Engineers were very interested in hearing from their US, European, and other Asian colleagues reporting on their progress in various aspects of lithography, and the supplier community also showed great support to this conference,’ he said.

Featuring presentations from leading researchers, developers, and innovators, SPIE Lithography Asia, held 4-6 November in Taipei, Taiwan, provided the opportunity to hear the latest research and connect with others working at the leading edge of semiconductor device and flat panel display (FPD) technologies.

This conference was intended to stimulate a face-to-face exchange of the latest developments of microlithography techniques used in the current and future electronics manufacturing process.

Conference co-chairs Alek C. Chen, ASML Taiwan; Burn Lin, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Anthony Yen, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing introduced conference topics, including: Emerging Lithographic Technology and Nanofabrication; Optical Microlithography; Advances in Resist Material and Processing; Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control and LCD Application.

SPIE Fellow William Arnold, from ASML US, presented his industry overviews and visions at a well-attended plenary talk titled: ‘Old and new solutions in high resolution lithography for semiconductor fabrication.’

‘For years, volume manufacturing for many types of integrated circuits has been shifting to Asia. This inaugural meeting in the key field driving semiconductor shrink rate and performance, and lithography, brings the scientists and engineers from around the world, but especially Korea, Japan, and Taiwan together to share their latest results,’ said Arnold.

The conference ended with the presentation of the Best Student Paper Awards, presented by Alek Chen (ASML) and Nigel Farrar (Cymer). Each winner received a $1,000 check from one of the two sponsors, ASML and Cymer.