Partnership to produce driver and liquid lens for mobiles

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Supertex and Varioptic have partnered up to produce a driver and liquid lens to add auto-focus capability in cellular phone and PDA cameras, bar code readers, web and laptop cameras, biometric scanners, and ultracompact cameras. 

To control the lens, Varioptic chose to collaborate with Supertex and use the HV895 inductorless liquid lens driver IC and its derivative follow-on ICs.  The HV895 incorporates a fully integrated charge pump boost converter to drive lenses of up to 200pF with a 1.5kHz waveform at amplitudes up to 60Vrms.  The entire lens driver circuit is contained in a single flip chip die and can be encapsulated within the camera module.

Supertex’s HV895 is available now in a RoHS compliant solder-bumped die package (HV895BD).  Lead-time for production quantities is 4-6 weeks ARO.  Varioptic’s Arctic 314 and Arctic 416 liquid lenses are available now and are RoHS compliant.