Photonic Solutions to distibute Quantel laser products

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Photonic Solutions, an independent UK supplier of optoelectronics products, is now a distributor of Quantel Laser products in the UK.

Quantel Laser is a designer and manufacturer of high-power, solid-state lasers for scientific, industrial, military and medical applications. Photonic Solutions will offer sales and service for all of Quantel’s product lines including pulsed YAG, DPSS, fibre and diode lasers.

This partnership enables Quantel to offer its customers the high quality of customer service and technical support that Photonic Solutions has developed over the years.

Photonic Solutions is able to expand its product offering with an expanded collection of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers addressing scientific, OEM and harsh environment applications, narrow line width fibre lasers for atom-cooling applications, high power visible fibre lasers for bioinstrumentation and QCW diode stacks.

Quantel’s technical capabilities and product lines address many of the photonics applications of most interest to our customers,’ said John Macleod, managing director of Photonic Solutions. ‘We’re excited with the broad range of products, the product pipeline and, most of all, working with the strong team at Quantel. Our UK customers expect us to partner with the best manufacturers, and we’re thrilled with what this new alliance can bring them.’ 

‘Photonic Solutions has a wonderful reputation in the UK, not just as a distributor, but as a technical solutions provider who works hand in hand with customers,’ said Greg Smolka, VP, sales and marketing at Quantel. ‘This customer-first attitude closely matches our own philosophy and, we believe, is a big reason customers choose to work with Quantel.’

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