Powerlase partners with French fibre laser company

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Powerlase has signed a strategic partnership with French fibre laser company, Eolite Systems.

The partnership will see Powerlase and Eolite combining their engineering and applications capabilities to broaden the range of laser systems they produce and the markets they can address.

The high average power, high beam quality lasers that Eolite produces complements the high average power, medium beam quality laser supplied by Powerlase. In combination the new, broader range of lasers is suited for multi-stage manufacturing processes that require multiple laser parameters, such as in the manufacture of photovoltaics.

Eolite technology is based on the innovative rod-type fibre configuration. This simultaneously enables high average powers, very high beam quality and, uniquely, the ability to frequency convert to green and ultraviolet wavelengths. Powerlase brings the ability to turn cutting edge laser technology into systems suitable for demanding industrial environments as well as successful market development strategies. This has been proven particularly in the plasma display market, where multiple systems have been running with high uptime for in excess of a million combined operating hours.