Seno signs up VisualSonics

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Seno Medical Instruments has signed a licensing agreement with VisualSonics for the exclusive rights to Seno’s Opto-Acoustic small animal imaging (preclinical) technology.

Seno Medical Instruments, a medical device company located in San Antonio, Texas, received a $2m investment from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, and is also supported by investors from the angel and medical communities.  

Seno’s small animal (preclinical) opto-acoustic technology is designed to enable researchers to non-invasively detect and monitor biological structures, functions and processes at the cellular and molecular level.

This technology uniquely images angiogenic growth of a tumour and reveals the oxygen saturation within the tumour, this providing functional information.  This technology can also reveal disease progression and inflammation processes that were previously unattainable. As a result of this agreement, VisualSonics will be able to embed Seno’s opto-acoustic technology in their next generation of high-frequency ultrasound platforms and thus extend their molecular imaging capability to the sub cellular level. This combination will drive the new molecular imaging utility for the next generation of small animal (preclinical) imaging with the Vevo platform.