Sofradir claims infrared detector global leadership

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Sofradir has announced that it has secured the world market leadership in supplying second generation Mercury Cadmium Telluride infrared detectors, with more than 25 per cent market share by volume.

Sofradir’s infrared detectors are used in thermal imagers, missile seekers, infantry fighting vehicles, such as those used by the French army in Afghanistan, and other surveillance, targeting and homing infrared equipment and observation satellites. In 2011, Sofradir delivered 5,000 units, an increase of 600 on the 4,400 units it delivered in 2010.

Sofradir cites The World Market for Military Infrared Imaging Detectors and Systems published by Maxtech International as the justification for its claim. ‘Sofradir has been making and selling infrared detectors since 1986, so we are very proud to have climbed to the leading market position,’ said Philippe Bensussan, chairman and CEO of Sofradir. ‘In addition, with the recent strengthening of our shareholder structure, new assets from Safran and Thales will broaden our IR technology portfolio and this will further reinforce Sofradir’s world leadership position.’

Sofradir credits its increased market share to its longevity in meeting customer demands for cutting edge and innovative products, its capacity to run a safe and reliable production line and to anticipate market needs for new standards, such as the 15 micron pitch.