Steering committee appointed to promote photonics in industry

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The VDMA (German Engineering Federation) Photonics Forum has appointed six high-ranking representatives from leading photonics institutions in Germany to become part of its new steering committee. Representing a variety of different sectors in the field, the newly appointed committee is an excellent reflection of the broad spectrum that exists within the photonics industry.

The VDMA represents some 400 companies and institutions which are active in the field of photonics, in applications including laser, machine vision, flatpanel displays, photovoltaics, electronics production and micro technology. The new committee will serve as a platform to enhance intra-association awareness and promote the strong position that photonics already holds in business and scientific policy.

The committee comprises: Stephan Geiger of Rofin-Baasel Lasertech, Dr Rüdiger Hack of Laser 2000, Dr Susanne Heun of Merck, Dr Michael Vergöhl of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, Dr Thomas Rettich of Trumpf and Jürgen Valentin of NanoFocus.

Gerhard Hein, head of the VDMA Photonics Forum, said: ‘With this new, industry-led steering committee, we want to integrate the perspective of the industry even more directly into our activities and into the process of establishing the future fields of action of the forum. We look forward to new ideas and projects, which will emerge through the collaboration among selected professionals in the steering committee.’

The VDMA publishes periodic data on the size and economic impact of the photonics industry. Its Photonics Forum, comprised of several VDMA-affiliated organisations, serves as a central contact point for the industrial photonics sectors and offers a platform for exchanging ideas about photonics technologies. The forum draws on the support of a group of members comprising more than 500 companies and research institutions along the entire value creation chain – of which 400 members are primarily active in the field of photonics.