Students presented with optical design award

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Two students from the University of Rochester, Bin Ma and Dustin Moore, have been announced as winners of the 2011 Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Optical Design competition. The competition was created in 2000 by Optical Research Associates (ORA), now the Optical Solutions Group at Synopsys, and was named in honour of ORA's former president and chief executive officer Robert Hilbert.

The annual competition is open to students in North America working toward a bachelor's, master's, or PhD degree who utilise the company's Code V or LightTools software to perform optical design and engineering research. Awards are granted to students who have submitted papers that demonstrate optical design excellence.

Bin Ma, a PhD candidate at the University of Rochester, was recognised for his work on aspheric lens design using Code V in his paper titled: 'Design of lithographic lenses with slope constrained Q-polynomials.' Applications of Ma's project include ultra-precise projector lenses used to make integrated circuits.

Dustin Moore, also a PhD student at the University of Rochester, was recognised for his work on a panoramic imaging system using Code V in his paper titled: 'A high resolution four-Pi steradian panoramic video system.' The goal of Moore’s design is to improve the quality of systems providing 360-degree, interactive video.

'Each year we are impressed with the variety, scope and quality of projects that students submit to our design competition,' said George Bayz, vice president and general manager of the Optical Solutions Group at Synopsys. 'This year, Bin Ma's and Dustin Moore's entries stood out for their effective communication of optical design principles and innovative use of Code V for imaging systems design. I congratulate both of them for their outstanding work on these projects.'