Technology Transfer Award recipients named

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Don Dooley, president of Spectrum Detector, and Dr John Lehman of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Boulder, have received the 2008 FLC Technology Transfer Award.  

They were selected, along with 20 other recipients, out of more than 300 national labs for their efforts to bring Precision Optical TRAP Detector technology out of the national labs. Dooley worked closely with Dr John Lehman and others to make this possible.  

The Optical TRAP designs had been developed at the labs over several years to satisfy a need for low uncertainty (less than 0.05 per cent) spectral calibration transfer standards for the calibration of fibre optic power meters in the 0.25 to 1.8µm range.

Since the initial Technology Transfer occurred, Spectrum Detector has developed a large number of Optical TRAP Detectors and Instruments that include both silicon and pyroelectric detectors that cover the spectrum from 0.2 to 15µm. They include analogue TRAP instruments for use with lock-in amplifiers and a family of digital TRAPs powered through a USB connection and supported by LabView Software.