Trumpf commissioned to supply laser systems for shipbuilder Meyer Werft

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Meyer Werft, a shipbuilder based in Papenburg, Germany, which is in the process of expanding its production capacity, has commissioned Trumpf to deliver two TruDisk 10003 disk lasers and a TruFlow 12000 CO2 laser.

The TruDisk 10003 disk laser will be used to weld I-joints. 'We tested several laser beam sources to find the best laser for us,' says Herman Lembeck, director of steel preproduction at Meyer Werft. The shipbuilders chose the 10kW TruDisk 10003 disk laser due to its excellent welding results and good process dependability. The absolute control over output power for the Trumpf disk laser was also the deciding factor. 'Reproducible process results that do not depend on ambient conditions are crucial to us for subsequent production,' said Lembeck.

The disk laser will also be used for laser hybrid welding in thick sheet metal. The shipyard will benefit from beam guidance via laser light cable because the disk laser’s setup does not depend on location of the processing site. This increases production versatility and offers the Papenburg-based shipbuilders clear advantages when processing the ever-growing size of sheet metal used in ships.